Let’s Catch Up… Part Two


Ah, Christmas. 34th Street becomes visible from space and we light up the windows to entertain the light gazers. Jill and I also geared up for a busy January!

Hampden Christmas

Oh, Hampden, You are one of a kind!

Christmas on the Avenue


We were very excited to work with the Folger Shakespeare Library on their production of Orestes. Costume designer Jessica Ford envisioned an enviable collection of dresses and jackets, all of which I wanted for my personal collection. The final product was stunning and thought provoking – which is to say – damn good theater.

We had a great time working with the cast and crew! While Jill and I worked our fingers to the bone, we also had a great time meeting with Jess & Co for fittings. Along the way, we got to eat at “Good Stuff Eatery”, Top Chef contestant Spike Mendolhson’s burger joint. It was delicious! Other notable events: A certain cell phone app failed us and we were lost in the wilds of Northern VA as we traversed home from exotic DC to Baltimore. People walked up to our windows and watched us work like Oompa Loompas, some took pictures. Jill discovered that singing “People who need People” off key is one of the most brutal forms of torture, but is also hilarious (try it). Jen-Jen came in for a guest sewing spot which always makes us happy!

As usual, work hard, play hard and we did eventually get a little punchy. But, hey, how would anyone recognize us if we weren’t laughing our faces off with bags under our eyes?Orestes Folger Shakespeare

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